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BotTalk - Create Alexa Skills and Google Actions with simple markup language

Advanced Features without Server Overhead

We created a platform that helps you create great and complex voice experiences fast.
Concentrate on building great Alexa Skills and Google Actions - we'll take care of the hard stuff.
Multiple Voice Templates

Multiple Voice Templates

Don't reinvent the wheel! We have a multitude of templates for the most common voice-first use cases. The fastest way to go from an idea to the live Alexa Skill or Google Action.

Markup Language for Voice

Markup Language for Voice

If you know HTML or CSS - BotTalk markup language will be very easy to learn! It is based on YAML Syntax and support a popular templating engine Twig out of the box!

Database and Session Management

BotTalk automatically saves the dialog flow state in the session. Internal variables will be saved on per-user basis. No third-party database is required!

State of the Art Automated Tester

BotTalk's Automated Voice Tester will go through all possible dialog scenarios, find logic errors, detect dialog flow dead ends and notify about API errors.

One Click Deployment

The automatic deployment process helps you to validate your model, export your custom intents and slots. You can literally go from a new script to production in one click.

Outstanding Community

We love our users. And they love us back. Every step of the way our alexa and actions developers get ideas, support and knowledge from the best voice community out there!


Kickstart your voice development using pre-built templates. They show you the great voice-first use cases. Implement best practices recomended by Amazon ang Google. And are very easy to customize.
Trivia Game
Alexa Flash Briefing
Cryptocurrency Prices

Voice-Based Trivia Game Template

This template will help you get started with any form of trivia game or quiz. User is asked to guess the movie name by the quote that assistant is citing.

Click on the "Run" button to hear the Voice Template in action!

  • Decision making and logic
  • Compare user input (slot value) with expected results
  • Save scores in a context variable

Alexa Flash Briefing from Google Sheets

Use a Google Spreadsheet as a data source for your Alexa Flash Briefing.

Click on the "Run" button to hear the Voice Template in action!

  • Google Sheet Template
  • Integration with Alexa Flash Briefing API
  • Text and Audio content is supported

Voice-First Cryptocurrency Prices Template

This skill contains more advanced logic, including API-requests, context variables saving and session persistence.

Click on the "Run" button to hear the Voice Template in action!

  • API Calls
  • Context variables
  • Session persistence

Success stories

"BotTalk is great for all types of voice apps you can imagine. It is a no-brainer for beginners and in the same time BotTalk has everything for any complex task. I recommend BotTalk to my students in the VUI design course by CareerFoundry in collaboration with Amazon Alexa."

"I love using BotTalk because creating Amazon Alexa and Google Action becomes very nice and intuitive. The templates provided by the BotTalk team allow us to have a solid base for our applications to be as functional as possible."

Xavier Claire

"I have been using BotTalk for some time now. It really has me intrigued. I was a storyline user, then, after storyline went towards the $99 a month fee, I went towards voiceflow and BotTalk. I have to say other platforms do seem easy to use, but they all have have limits. BotTalk, on the other hand, let's you understand what you are doing and is much more friendly when trying more elaborate things with Alexa."

Nat Mastropietro Operatore E.D.P.

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